Tired of the ongoing roadworks and traffic lights during your daily commute? Want to know the latest on just where these projects stand?

Public Works Minister Lt Col David Burch provided this update in the House of Assembly on Friday, in follow up to the update announced in the Lower House in March.

He also noted that a “pull hole” is a hole dug every 800 feet in the road to allow for the cables to be pulled through the laid conduits and to be joined:

1. The BELCO trench work on the Middle Rd in Southampton from Lighthouse Rd to Evans Bay through the roadway and railway trail did indeed start in April 2023. The works are currently by Five-Star Island and it is anticipated that it will be another two (2) months before reaching the railway trail. By that time we anticipate the removal of traffic lights currently in place.

2. The BELCO “pull hole” work for Middle Road near the Whitney Institute Middle School is now completed; inclusive of the pull hole work for Store Hill & North Shore Road up to Barker’s Hill roundabout.

3. The BELCO “pull hole” work for the Eastern Northshore route – that is from Palmetto Road railway trail to Old Military Road and Frog Lane to the National Sports Centre Substation – is set to commence in September subject to the delivery of specialized equipment; and

4. Unfortunately attributed to supply chain issues, the works for “pull holes” at Ettrick’s Veterinary on Middle Road, Warwick to Lighthouse Hill, Middle Road to Jews Bay has not started as previously planned. This work will commence once National Sports Centre pull hole work has been completed.

In regard to the asphalting portions, he shared the following:

1. The permanent paving for trenching works at Coney Island, Fractious Street and Wilkinson Avenue have all been completed.

2. The permanent paving for Harrington Sound Road is progressing steadily with works currently around Shark Hole Hill heading towards Tom Moore’s Tavern driveway; and

3. Repair works for uneven surfaces have been addressed at Mullet Bay Road near Stokes Point Road, St David’s Entrance, Middle Road at Warwick Academy, and Middle Road at St Anthony’s Church.

These are not the only roadworks that have been completed over the last four (4) months.