Long serving Bermuda Industrial Union General Secretary, Helena ‘Molly’ Burgess was congratulated in the House of Assembly on Friday, on the recent celebration of her 80th birthday, also shared with one of her daughter’s, Terry, who turned 60 on the same day.

Helena ‘Molly’ Burgess with Premier David Burt

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Friday, Public Works Minister Colonel David Burch asked that a letter be sent on behalf of the House to Ms Burgess, following the big surprise party organised by relatives, which was held at the Southampton Princess Hotel on October 14th.

“Molly Burgess is a giant in this community, having served the Bermuda Industrial Union and the people of Bermuda, particularly hotel workers for many years,” said Col Burch.

“We’re probably going to need dynamite to get her out of her office because there’s no talk of retirement,” he added.

Deputy Speaker and a former BIU President, Derrick Burgess asked that his name be added to the letter, and noted that Ms Burgess has served well under four BIU Presidents from as far back as the late Robert Johnston.

“Molly made the ultimate sacrifice and serves her people with commitment,” said Mr Burgess. Although people are replaceable, he said her experience and what she brings and continues to bring to trade unionism in Bermuda is irreplaceable.

A letter of congratulations will be sent to Ms Burgess and her daughter Terry in due course. Hundreds of relatives and friends attended the recent surprise birthday party earlier this month, including Premier David Burt, and a host of other guests, including surprise visitors from abroad, who flew in to celebrate the occasion.

  • Photos Courtesy of Ronnie Burgess