Tourism Minister Jamahl Simmons outlined details on the first leg of a new marketing blitz, that started in New York last week, then moves on to other major cities on the US east coast gateway.

In a Ministerial Statement delivered in the House of Friday, he said sharing the Bermuda story with presentations by local artists and designers, opened the imaginations of potential clients.

Accompanied by Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) CEO Kevin Dallas, the Minister said the “impeccably represented” contingent  who attended the evening event held at a hotel in lower Manhattan included:

  • Artist Alshante Foggo
  • Sculptor Stratton Hatfield
  • Jewellery designer Elissa Stubbs
  • Fashion designers Rebecca Hanson, Cary Butterfield and Patricia Borland
  • Musician Raven Baksh
  • DJ Damon DeGraff &
  • Perfumery business owner Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone

“The destination event planners that attended really had their imaginations opened and I know they’re excited about bringing their wedding, corporate and other group clients to Bermuda,” said Minister Simmons.

“This same model of event marketing moves next to Boston, then to Philadelphia and then onto Washington, DC.”

The campaign aimed to promote travel to Bermuda and attract media and trade partners.

The Minister also said he “spent a great deal of time” at the BTA’s New York office, “getting up to speed with the public relations and social media teams”.

That briefing also included the latest on international media coverage as it relates to the recent passage of Bermuda’s Domestic Partnership Act.

“Over the past several months my Ministry has been working with the BTA to formulate the proper response that ensures travel consumers know Bermuda is a destination welcoming to everyone – including the LGBT community,” the Minister said.

“The in-person meetings in New York were valuable to take note of where we are to date on this issue from a tourism perspective – and I will stay abreast of further developments in consultation with our partners at the Bermuda Tourism Authority.”