MPs passed legislation facilitating a customs duty break on mobility aids for seniors’ homes and rest homes in the House of Assembly on Friday.

Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson  also holds ministerial discretion on another set of tax breaks the   5 percent duty rate on goods for local commercial manufacturing.

In a Ministerial Statement delivered on the floor of the House on Friday on the Customs Tariff Amendment (No 3) Bill 2018, Mr Dickinson said the new tax break on appliances and fittings for seniors stems from the Throne Speech  promise made in July.

He also made an amendment to extend the duty relief to the disabled, which was backed by MPs from both sides.

The Department of Ageing and Disability Services would oversee the certification of goods qualifying for duty relief.

Health Minister Kim Wilson also noted that the  cost of living in a care facility was “rippling””and averaged $5,000 to $11,000 a month.

Responding to questions fielded by Opposition MPs on the Minister’s power to approve discounts on imports for local manufacturing, Mr Dickinson said: “.Existing legislation allows for any and all goods — the proposed amendment closes that loophole.”