Speaker of the House Dennis Lister ll

Speaker of the House, Dennis Lister II reprimanded Bermuda’s MPs on Friday, for behaving like a “classroom of schoolchildren”, while issuing a stern warning over the ‘much talked about’ pictures published in the daily and the  use of social media in Chambers.

Mr Lister warned any MPs caught violating their privileges would have their devices confiscated.

While noting that he had “no issue with Members that seem to have closed their eyes for a moment”, he said: “It’s photography that’s the issue.

“We are all supposed to be adults in here — I do not expect childish behaviour.”

The circulation of pictures, he said, was “not the proper decorum” he said. And he vowed to use a “heavy hand” moving forward over the taking of pictures and posting them on social media of anyone in the House or House proceedings without his express permission.

“Any Member tweeting in the House is out of order,” said Mr Lister, before warning MPs that behaving like “a classroom of schoolchildren” will not be tolerated on his watch.