The latest plans for TN Tatem will be announced in the House on Friday, in a Ministerial Statement by Public Works Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch, on the Temporary Repurposing of TN Tatem.
The Minister will deliver two of nine Ministerial Statements listed on the Order Paper for today’s proceedings. He will also update MPs on Infrastructure Improvements by the Department of Public Works.
Other statements include:
  • Appointment of Members of the Commission of Inquiry  Premier David Burt
  • Government Guarantee Hotelco Bermuda Holding Ltd   C Dickinson, Minister of Finance &
  • Pension Commission Annual Report for the Years 2011 to 2017
  • Universal Postal Union Extraordinary Congress  W Furbert, Minister for the Cabinet
  • Recognition of Accountants with the ACCA Designation in Bermuda  D Rabain, Minister of Education
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Team Update  W Caines, Minister of National Security &
  • Gang Violence Reduction Team
Parliamentary Questions deferred since July are listed for written responses by the Premier to Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier, who asked for figures in dollars and cents coming out of the public purse being paid “for any services, other than Government Committees, Government Boards or Quangos”.
In follow up to the Premier’s responses to previous questions back in July, Mr Cannonier also asked for “the amounts paid or the outstanding amounts due to them”.
Transport Minister Zane DeSilva is also scheduled to provide oral responses to his parliamentary counterpart Leah Scott, who wants to know “the total number of MAN technicians currently employed at the Department of Public Transportation Bus Depot and what is the hourly rate each one is currently being paid.
The Shadow Minister also wants to know “how long these MAN technicians have been in Bermuda and how much has the Government paid out in salaries, housing allowance, room and board and cycle livery rentals to date”.
She also asked for the total number of of local bus mechanics employed by the Department of Public Transportation, who have been “apprenticed under the MAN technicians, with a view to reducing the reliance on the MAN technicians and increasing the knowledge and skill base of our Bermudian technicians and what is the longest work permit term granted to any MAN
The proceedings get underway at 10am.