Speaker of the House, Dennis Lister has issued a public reminder that the Premier’s Question Period will start in the House of Assembly today.

The Speaker stated: “This morning we will witness another first in the House of Assembly.

“The Premier’s Question Period will take place every second Friday of each month that the House is in session.

“The Premier’s Question Period will last no more than thirty minutes and Members of Parliament can ask questions of national importance or about the general performance of Government ministries and agencies. The Premier can also be asked routine questions about his engagements,” he added.

“In accordance with Standing Orders the Leader of the Opposition may ask three questions. Other Members can each ask one question. Only Members who have asked a question will be allowed to ask two supplemental questions.”

Speaker Dennis Lister concluded, “I am pleased that Bermuda has joined other Parliaments by including an opportunity for Members of Parliament to ask questions of the country leader. Including the Premier’s Question Period in the Bermuda parliamentary process, provides greater transparency and insight into the running of the Government.”