House Speaker Randolph Horton announced members of the new Joint Select Committee on the ‘Impact of Unemployment on Women and their Families’ on Friday.

Members include: Kim Wilson of Constituency 34, Walton Brown of C17, Shawn Crockwell of C31, Nandi Outerbridge of C2, Leah Scott of C30, in addition to Senators Renee Ming and Georgia Marshall.

You may recall the debate sparked by a motion tabled by Ms Wilson to set up a joint select committee to look examine issues affecting women, particularly unemployed women in the current facing economic climate.

In February, she hosted the ‘Women Hearing Women’ forum at Cathedral Hall where single mothers, seniors citizens and women grappling with unemployment in Bermuda recounted their struggles.

During the debate in the House of Assembly, the Progressive Labour Party backbencher spoke on the emotional stress, particularly for single mothers due to unemployment in Bermuda.

There was no indication given by Mr Horton while making the announcement on Friday on when this new committee will actually begin meetings.

By Ceola Wilson