Still Looking GOOD at 94! Happy Birthday!

Members of Parliament joined Progressive Labour Party MP and Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain in extending congratulatory Happy Birthday greetings to Dr Bertram McPhee, who celebrated his 94th birthday on Friday.

Mr Rabain’s remarks were quickly echoed by his parliamentary colleagues when he rose to say that Dr McPhee was still going strong at 94 and that he had recently remarried – still going strong!

Dr McPhee has practiced medicine for many years and continues to do so at the Brown-Darrell Clinic.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, Brown-Darrell Clinic founder and former Premier Dr Ewart Brown said: “Yes, my Uncle Bert is 94 today!

“Dr McPhee  has been with Brown-Darrell Clinic for seven years in the capacity of Associate Physician,” he said.
“It is an honour  to have him on our team,  especially since he supported and guided me during my pre-med years.
“He brings experience, wisdom and energy to our clinics.”

Dr McPhee was also the doctor who delivered this journalist – will not say how many years ago.
To this day, he takes great delight in telling whoever he is with when we see each other this: “I am the first man to see this journalist in her birthday suit!”
Needless to say, I cringe with embarrassment every time, but then again – every baby is born naked and I know that I am not the only one! And we won’t even try to guess how many babies he delivered over the years – no way!
And he still asks about my mother to this day.
From the House of Assembly and our house to yours – Happy 94th Birthday Dr McPhee! Here’s to many, many more!