Progressive Labour Party MP Rolfe Commissiong extended condolences to the relatives and friends of two well known members of the community who died recently, one within hours of the other’s funeral in the House of Assembly.

Mr Commissiong rose during the Congratulatory and Condolences period, to ask that letters be sent to two families “united in their grief” on Friday.

“Firstly, I ask this House to send condolences to the family of Mr Tyrone Raynor of the Mount Hill Raynors who passed away recently,” he said.

“What was extraordinary was that his brother in law, Mr Maxwell Harold Burrows, a former supervisor at the Department of Public Transportation also passed away only hours before Mr Raynor’s funeral, plunging his sister and the Burrows family into mourning – so much so that Debra Burrows, Mr Burrows’ beloved wife and Mr Raynor’s sister was too overcome with grief to attend her own brother’s funeral at the First Church of God,” he added.

“I ask therefore, that condolences be sent to Ms Burrows, who now directly bears the burden of the loss of both her brother and husband within days of each other.”

Several MPs asked that their names be attached to the letters being sent on behalf of the House of Assembly.