Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown told MPs today that for the first time in three years, the number of births in Bermuda decreased in 2017.

Registrar General Aubrey Pennyman

According to the latest report from Registry General Aubrey Pennyman, there were there were 578 births throughout last year, down from 591 the year before with 583 births recorded in 2015.

Of the 578 births recorded in 2017, 440 had at least one Bermudian parent and 138 had two non-Bermudian parents.

The number of deaths of residents in 2017 was 481, down from 492 in 2016. Another 13 non-residents died during the year.

There were 440 marriages in 2017, down from 450 the previous year. That figure included ten same-sex marriages, eight of which were performed at the Registry General’s office as civil ceremonies, with two marriages at a hotel and at a private home.

Another 452 marriages were performed on board 23 Bermuda registered ships, including two same-sex marriage ceremonies.

The report, tabled five months earlier than the last report released in 2017. Minister Brown noted however, that it was “still later than it should be”.

And on that note he said Government “will be working on improving the processes and the technology associated with the delivery of this report in a timelier manner closer to the legislated requirement”.