Bermuda’s MPs look set for a busy day when the proceedings resume in the House of Assembly at 10am.

Premier David Burt told residents last night that “over 11 Bills will be debated and passed into law with the support of Members of Parliament” over the next two weeks,

“This extensive work load speaks to the hard work and dedication of the Government team in continuing to deliver – and doing what is necessary to rebuild our economy; for the people of Bermuda,” said Mr Burt.

Those Bills include:

  • Amendments to the Parliamentary Elections Act 2020
  • Riddell’s Bay [Warwick Parish] Special Development Order
  • Amendments to the National Pensions Scheme [Occupational Pensions] and Related Regulations
  • Registrar of Companies [Supervision and Regulation] Act 2020
  • Ministers and Members of the Legislature [Salaries and Pensions] Amendment Act 2020
  • Public Service Superannuation Temporary Amendment Act 2020

We will also be tabling:

  • Trusts Special Provisions #2 Act 2020
  • Gaming [Transfer of Functions] Bill
  • Government Loans Amendment [#2] Act
  • Amendments to the Tourism Investment Act 2017
  • Tourism Investment St. George’s Club 2020

“Despite the restrictions and challenges posed by COVID-19, our government has remained active outside of the management of the pandemic and we remain focused on the job at hand,” said Premier Burt.

“We work tirelessly to keep Bermuda safe, and we will work equally as hard to ensure a strong economic recovery.

“One key goal our government has had throughout the pandemic has been to support local and international businesses and ensure our companies can continue to conduct their operations while fully adhering to safety protocols to meet the COVID- 19 regulations.

“We were recently able to demonstrate our ability to drive a business-friendly environment despite the restrictions posed by the pandemic.

“Key leaders of Athene, one of Bermuda’s largest reinsurance companies, needed to travel to Bermuda to conduct certain meetings. Together, the Bermuda Business Development Agency, the Bermuda Airport Authority, and the L.F. Wade International Airport worked to enable Athene to come to Bermuda and meet on the island in June, while ensuring full compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

“The Bermuda Airport Authority, and Cedar Aviation implemented strict measures and protocols to ensure the meeting could take place safely and successfully.”

He also noted that before “the LF Wade International Airport opened to international flights on July 1, the Bermuda Government adapted swiftly and pragmatically to address the individual requirements of companies that required on-island meetings”.

Athene sent in a statement of thanks from its President Bill Wheeler, which stated: “We are grateful for the support we received from the Bermuda Government, the BDA and local agencies. Bermuda’s swift action allowed us to conduct local business while prioritizing the health and safety of all those involved and ensuring full compliance with all Bermuda laws and regulations. Thank you to Bermuda’s continued exemplary business friendly approach – even during these unprecedented times.”

Speaking at the COVID-19 briefing on Thursday he said: “The Bermuda Government is grateful for the support and commitment of our local and international business partners who continue to work with us during this period of global economic challenge.

“I would also, as I close, like to again thank everyone in Bermuda for your words of encouragement, your emails of support and your prayers for our health, our success and the well-being of our families,

“It remains an honour and a privilege to serve our country during this time, and we thank you for all that you have done over the past few months to make our burdens lighter and this work rewarding.”