The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) issued a public reminder today about its services over the holiday, first by urging Bermuda’s residents to “take care of themselves and loved one throughout the holiday season and New Year period”.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, R Scott Pearman said: “We continue to work hard so people in Bermuda have the access they need to hospital services. BHB remains busy, and doctors, nurses and support staff are working round the clock to ensure those who need care in hospital and Emergency receive the services they require while making certain those who are ready to be discharged can go home in a timely manner. We are also asking that the community use services wisely and take of themselves as they enjoy the festive period.”

Points noted include:

  • Please pick up loved ones who are discharged when they are ready. To free rooms in a timely manner, people who have been discharged will no longer wait in their rooms, but in waiting areas on each of the Acute Care Wards.
  • Please do not try to admit seniors who do not need acute care to hospital beds, something which historically has been more common over the holiday period.
  • If you suffer minor injuries or illnesses, you can utilize the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre – it is open from 4pm to midnight weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends throughout the holiday period.
  • Do not use Emergency Services when a visit to your family doctor would be appropriate, but if you think you require Emergency treatment please attend. We are busy but we are able to care for all who need Emergency treatment.
  • Do all you can to protect yourself from the flu! Flu rates are rising – practice good hygiene such are regular hand washing, and get vaccinated.
  • Please drive safely, slowly and with an abundance of caution. If you drink please do not drive.
  • Finally, do all you can to manage your own health and safety. The holiday period sees more drinking, eating unhealthy foods and more socializing. These lead to greater risks of accidents, illness and poor management of existing diseases.

Mr Pearman concluded: “We understand the frustration of those who have experienced admission delays from Emergency when we get busy. People can help by using the services appropriately, and BHB is also working on shorter and longer term improvements in partnership with community providers and government that will improve flow and efficiency.

“Our work with partners over the last six months has been to develop a Clinical Services Plan which is due to be completed in January 2018, so we are looking forward to improvements this coming year as changes are implemented. In the meantime, BHB will continue to work hard to ensure everyone gets the care they need over the Holiday Season. 

“Please look after yourself and your loved ones, be safe and enjoy the season in moderation.”