The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the appointment of Victoria Pereira as the new Director of the Department of Planning.

A spokesperson said: “In her new role, Ms Pereira will lead the Department in facilitating investment and development in Bermuda while ensuring social and critical environmental needs are met. She will also play an important role in streamlining the planning process, improving efficiency, and ensuring the island’s planning and building standards are upheld.

“After acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Ms Pereira joined the Department of Planning in 2004 as a Trainee Planner after which she received her professional designation from the Canadian Institute of Planners.

“Ms Pereira has been pivotal in the process of delivering numerous recognizable projects such as the Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club, the America’s Cup Village, the Bermuda LF Wade International Airport Redevelopment Project and the St Regis Hotel development in St George’s.”

Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said: “I am pleased with the appointment of Ms. Victoria Pereira as our new Director of Planning. Ms Pereira will bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to the post and I look forward to the contributions that she will make.”