Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown announced today that police certificates must now be submitted with work permit applications.

In a statement released this afternoon, Mr Brown said: “Employers will be aware that the current Work Permit Policies 2015, requires that employers provide confirmation that they have thoroughly screened applicants who are first-time residents and that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, applicants are of good character. Currently, they must also have on record evidence of their screening practices; i.e. the original police certificate must be on-hand and readily available should the department of Immigration request to review it.

“As we move to carefully scrutinize the applicants, the request to submit police certificates is with immediate effect. For work permit applications for first-time residents which have already been submitted but where no decision has been rendered, employers will have one business day (from today’s date) to submit original police certificates which display the original seal, stamp or other display of authorization. The police certificate must also be valid for six months from the date of issue. For work permit applications not yet submitted, employers must submit the original police certificate with the same qualifiers as those just stated.”

The Minister’s statement continued: “For clarity, work permit applications affected by the aforementioned change in policy include: Global Entrepreneur, Global, New Business, and Standard permits. Employers are reminded that in accordance with the provisions of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956, it is a criminal offence to make a statement which contains false information and which they know to be false or believe not to be true.”

For all relevant details in respect of police certificates, employers should refer to the appropriate application form (the Section titled ‘Application Checklist Details’); all forms may be accessed via www.gov.bm. Alternatively, employers may contact their respective industry/customer services representative for guidance.