Speaking for the first time since the recent court ruling on same-sex marriage, Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon- Pamplin has confirmed that Government will not appeal the landmark ruling.

Following legal advice, the Minister acknowledged the Supreme Court ruling handed down last Friday. “We have determined that we will not lodge an appeal against the judgment,” she said.

“While we accept that widespread support of this very sensitive and emotive issue of marriage equality is difficult to achieve, we do, however, recognise that as a community we must be able to have open and honest conversations which help to encourage awareness, understanding, tolerance and respect for one another.

“We will abide by the decision of the judiciary and will implement the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the judgment.”

The ruling was handed down by Puisne Judge Charles-Etta Simmons on a civil suit against the Government after the Registrar General refused to publish a gay couple’s marriage banns.

Justice Simmons agreed with their claim that failure to do so represented discrimination under the Human Right Act and issued an order compelling the Registrar to issue the banns.

The Minister did not indicate a definitive timeline on when Government “will implement the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the judgment” in her statement.