In the lead up to another holiday weekend, both the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment will maintain a regular presence around Bermuda  “on our roads and waters, and at our beaches and parks”.

Speaking at the latest COVID-19 briefing, National Security Minister Wayne Caines said” “Over the three-day weekend the Regiment’s presence will increase, with a focus on popular public spaces in the east, west and central parishes.

“The Police and Regiment will also have a heightened presence on Bermuda’s roads, covering various checkpoints during the 11pm – 5am curfew hours.

“I should note that we are noticing a trend of low arrests rate, with only two [2] this week for night time curfew breaches,” he said.

“This is indicative of the excellent community engagement and support of the Government’s COVID management plan.”

Key Guidelines in Phase Three:

  • Phase Three sees the resumption of religious and faith services at institutions of worship
  • Our churches are open, but as with everything that we do now, the capacity of any service must ensure that appropriate physical distancing is observed
  • Places of worship usually see a higher percentage of our seniors in attendance, however, these are individuals who are considered most at risk
  • And their safety and protection is paramount
  • We encourage outside religious services as these are considered the safest option
  • And at present communion, baptisms, church luncheons and Agape Feasts are not yet approved by the Ministry of Health until Phase Four
  • For more information, the public can visit the full guidance on the Government website under coronavirus

“We recognise that the days are getting considerably warmer and residents are spending more time engaging in recreational water activities. So here’s some key reminders regarding boats and maritime activities while in Phase Three,” said Mr Caines.

  • Boating activity is now allowed until 10pm, which is one hour before the curfew ends
  • Therefore, all boats must be off the water by 10pm
  • The Coast Guard will be enforcing the 10pm water curfew
  • Additionally, tour boat capacities have been increased raised from 10 to 20 people, but physical distancing guidelines must be followed for all boating activity
  • Gatherings at Public Beaches and Parks are permitted during Phase Three. However, the public beaches and parks will close at 8pm

Regarding restaurants:

  • As you are aware, indoor dining has resumed. The Ministry of Health’s guidelines must be adhered to
  • Patrons at these establishments are encouraged to comply with the restaurants in providing your name and contact information for tracing purposes
  • With the curfew being raised to 11pm, restaurants will close at 10pm
  • The public is also advised to be mindful of drinking and driving which the BPS will enforce against


  • You will be pleased to know that the 1 person limit has now been lifted. You are able to go to the Laundromat any day of the week while still observing physical distancing and the use of a mask or face covering

Additional Information From The Bermuda Police Service:

Black Lives Matter Bermuda, Photo: TNN

“Last Sunday, the Black Lives Matter march, which was supported by the Bermuda Police Service saw more than 7,000, people in attendance,” said Minister Caines.

“This is considered to be the highest assembly of people seen in living memory. The BPS took a community based approach working with organisers to facilitate a lawful, peaceful gathering.

“As a result of this engagement, there were no incidents of disorder and no arrests made.

“The march chose to pass the BPS Hamilton station which was facilitated. A peaceful and respectful response was given by protestors. The BPS have now begun a response to the BLM agenda.

“This will include greater transparency in what the Service does, including increased training in relation to diversity and customer service. Additionally the Independent Advisory Group will assist and support the BPS with any action in going forward. The Commissioner has also engaged with CURB to extend the restorative practice training in the BPS as well as provide input to Officers and staff on Bermuda’s history and issues such as unconscious bias,” he added.

“As the public is aware, a serving BPS officer was suspended for the publication of a racist post on social media. The Commissioner will utilise the fast track process within the Police Conduct Regulations to expedite this matter and is fully aware of community sensitivities about this matter.

“We recognise that there are more planned marches, and the Ministry of National Security supports and believes in our citizens’ democratic right to peacefully gather. I must stress that individuals who wish to demonstrate and this includes any type of public procession – must get the appropriate approval from the Deputy Governor. Additionally, the event must be sanctioned by the Ministry of National Security.”

Last but not least, he said: “We know that there remains considerable interest into the disappearance of Chavelle Dillon Burgess.

“The BPS investigation actively continues and Specialist advice has been provided to the BPS in relation to its search strategy.”

  • Top Feature Photo Courtesy of TNN