• The following statement was released by a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health following the Patient’s First Rally on Healthcare Reform at Queen Elizabeth Park…

The Ministry is pleased that Patients First is in support of universal healthcare. This shows that the organization shares the Government’s goal to ensure everyone in Bermuda can access the healthcare that they need.

It was encouraging to see a large turnout at the event, as healthcare is a topic which affects everyone and change in this sphere is something which does and should involve all of us. This Government is committed to achieving access to healthcare for all and bringing down the costs of healthcare in Bermuda which are unsustainable.”

Minister of Health Kim Wilson said: “The message from the final speaker, Mrs. Martha Dismont, is what resonates most powerfully with me and, hopefully, with all who listened. She highlighted the need to work through differences together. I welcome the opportunity to have dialogue – real, actual, meaningful dialogue – with Patients First on our shared goal for universal healthcare. I believe we have more in common than differences and, as Mrs. Dismont said, we will find the best solutions together.”