UPDATE: The Ministry of Health and local port authorities are aware of the Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas expected arrival to Bermuda on Wednesday.

According to the statement released today (February 9), the Ministry is aware that, following testing, the New Jersey Health Authority and the United States Centers For Disease Control confirmed the results were negative for the novel coronavirus and cleared four passengers aboard the Anthem of The Seas from a previous sailing.

Clearance by US health authorities confirms there are no suspected cases of Coronavirus aboard the Anthem of The Seas.

To further ensure the safety of Bermuda, health and port authorities will apply our own protocols currently in place at all of Bermuda’s points of entry.  This work includes close collaboration with the Department of Customs, Immigration, and Skyport to enhance screening of arriving travellers and direct those with a travel history risk for further monitoring and assessment.

Arriving travellers will undergo a travel risk assessment by a Health Officer and could have their health monitored and movement on island restricted for up to 14 days.

Furthermore, the Bermuda Government has put a restriction on direct flights from China which applies to private/corporate aircrafts.

Any visitors that have spent any time in mainland China in the last 14 days are discouraged from traveling to Bermuda and will be subject to risk assessment and an necessary monitoring and restrictions.

To further reiterate, The Ministry can confirm that no passengers or crew on the Anthem of the Seas are suspected of having the Coronavirus.

Earlier today a spokesperson confirmed that several passengers were tested for coronavirus and cleared in New Jersey prior to departure.

Bermuda will apply the necessary protocols upon arrival.

Residents were also assured that health and port authorities are prepared and equipped to deal with the vessel in accordance with our established protocols, when the ship arrives in Bermuda.

It was also noted that the cruise line has enacted their own stringent protocols with regards to the screening of passengers prior to boarding.

Meanwhile, CNN reports four passengers on a cruise ship that docked Friday morning near New York City were taken to a hospital for further evaluation for the coronavirus after they and others were assessed at a New Jersey port, the state’s governor said.

“Officials from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention screened 27 passengers on the ship at the port in Bayonne, a New Jersey city just south of Manhattan, Gov. Phil Murphy said in a statement. All those passengers recently had traveled to China; the other 23 were cleared,” the report said

“The coronavirus emerged from China two months ago. It has killed 638 people, mostly in China, and paralyzed the world’s second biggest economy. It has infected more than 31,000 in more than 25 countries and territories. The US has at least 12 confirmed cases, with hundreds more evacuees from China due back Friday.

“Aboard the Anthem of the Seas, a pair of relatives became ill, a CDC spokesperson said. That family has been to mainland China but not to Hubei Province, where the coronavirus began spreading.

“CDC staff decided to test all four members of the family in an abundance of caution after consulting with the New Jersey Department of Health, the spokesperson said. State health officials will send the family’s samples to the CDC for testing.
Royal Caribbean delayed the ship’s departure from 4 p.m. ET Friday to Saturday, although it had been “cleared by authorities” to depart as planned, the company said.”
A statement issued by the cruise line said: “We appreciate the CDC’s abundance of caution,” the cruise line said in its statement. “To reassure concerned guests, we will delay our departure until tomorrow, when we expect to receive conclusive test results from the CDC.
“The Royal Caribbean (RC) ship has a capacity of 4,900 passengers and 1,500 crew, but the number of people on board the vessel Friday wasn’t immediately known. The hospital was not named in Murphy’s statement.”