Health Minister Kim Wilson officially proclaimed October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre (BCHC) on Monday, with sobering statistics on the potentially deadly disease.

While noting that breast cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer in women, she said: “In Bermuda, it is women’s leading cause of death by cancer.

“With one in eight women being told in their lifetime that they have breast cancer, regular screenings and quality care are vital to improving outcomes, and we are making strides in improving treatment options with the addition of the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s Radiation Therapy Unit.”

She also commended BCHC making radiation therapy “available to patients locally”. “Naturally, we want HIP and FutureCare patients to have access to this care also, therefore we have updated the legislation to ensure Hip and FutureCare can have this coverage.

“This will be cost-neutral for the plans and the Government thanks to the partnership with BCHC, and it will be much more affordable for patients. More importantly, those requiring radiation can recover at home with the support of family and friends… without the extra cost of overseas trips,” she added.

“While the cause of breast cancer is still unknown, we do know that some women are more at risk than others. Understanding these risks, such as family history, is important. Early detection can save lives,” said Ms Wilson, who then proclaimed October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Bermuda.

She was joined by Kristin Burt, this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month patron, BCHC and other officials.

  • Photo Courtesy of DCI