Tributes and condolences continued to pour in following the death of Anthony Manders, the Government’s Financial Secretary, who was 59.

Head of the Public Service, Dr Derrick Binns, stated: “I join the many people who have paid tribute to our colleague and friend, Financial Secretary, Anthony Manders. He was an outstanding financial advisor to Premiers and Ministers. He had the unique ability to clearly explain complex financial matters to non-financial people. As a part of the Public Service Executive, he was able to bluntly communicate key financial points to his colleagues, moving us to action.

“Anthony had a firm command of the Government’s finances, and was readily able to provide a comprehensive response to any question posed.  He also had a tremendous amount of patience, together with the ability to get things done. His door was always open and he invited his staff to come to him with questions and solutions,” he added.

Dr. Binns concluded: “On behalf of the Public Service Executive and the entire Public Service, I extend heartfelt condolences to his wife, his sons, family and friends. Today Bermuda lost an outstanding financial leader and we in the Public Service lost a friend.”

Mr Manders, who was appointed as Financial Secretary in 2012, also served as the Assistant Financial Secretary and Assistant Accountant General.

On hearing of his passing, Premier David Burt sad he was “shocked and saddened”, while extending sincere condolences to Mr Manders’ wife and family.

“He was a consummate public servant who would always respond at late hours and prided himself on ensuring that Bermudians were given a chance to advance in the ministry’s departments,” said Mr Burt.

“His untimely passing is a tremendous loss to Bermuda as he has provided steady leadership to the Ministry of Finance team during the financial challenges of the last ten years.

“Whether it was football matches on the weekends or first ball on Emancipation Day, he was often in good spirits and always willing to teach me the finer sports points – especially keeping me calm during Cup Match.

“He will be missed.”

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson described Mr Manders as “a truly dedicated public servant who always focused on delivering for the people of Bermuda”.

“Everyone who has worked with Anthony knows that he was committed, hard-working and selfless.”

Over the last two years, he was “my most senior trusted adviser,” as “a key contributor to Bermuda’s successful international capital markets initiatives,” he added.

The Minister also noted that Mr Manders was instrumental in the establishment of the emergency unemployment benefits scheme in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a great loss for the island and we will all miss him dearly,” said Mr Dickinson.

Mr Manders was well known in the local sports community in both football and cricket.

A former goalkeeper for Dandy Town, he was also a wicketkeeper for Western Stars and played for Somerset in Cup Match between 1993 and 1995.

On behalf of Bermuda Real we extend our sincere condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.