News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda – On Thursday, the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club visited the Salvation Army’s North Street Citadel in Hamilton, for their annual Thanksgiving dinner service.

Hotel executives distributed 200traditional Thanksgiving meals consisting of roasted turkey with gravy, stuffing, glazed Christmas ham, macaroni and cheese, cassava pie, pumpkin rice, green beans, and a vegetarian offering of a chickpea and vegetable curry served with jasmine rice. The dinners alli ncluded ginger and sugar cookies, made by the hotel’s pastry chefs.

The Salvation Army’s ‘Booth’s Bistro – Community Meal’, is the heart of The Salvation Army’s community outreach, providing a hot and filling meal to anyone who needs it. Hamilton Princess has provided the Thanksgiving service for Booth’s Bistro for five years.

Tim Morrison, General Manager, Hamilton Princess& Beach Club, said: “Thanksgiving at Salvation Army is an event that we look forward to, and it’s a wonderful time our team to fellowship with our community. We are thankful that we can aid Salvation Army in its mission to provide a good meal to those who need it. As we approach the holiday season, we are grateful to the organizations and volunteers who serve our community every day.”

Corps Officer, Major Darryl Simms, of The Salvation Army, said: “This is my first year joining Hamilton Princess & Beach Club volunteers for the Thanksgiving dinner and the team here at North Street Citadel felt blessed to share conversations and time together during the community ministry.”