Portworkers at the Hamilton Docks are set to suspend overtime as of this coming Thursday, in a dispute centred around the dismissal of Docks Manager, who was fired after 27 years of service.

According to Bermuda Industrial Union President, Chris Furbert, unionised members of the Portworkers’ Division voted to suspend overtime last week.

This after the dispute was sent to arbitration after workers downed tools in October last year. That matter was due to go to arbitration within four to six weeks. To date, it hasn’t happened.

Meanwhile, MV Somers Isles, which was scheduled to arrive here on Wednesday, will now arrive on Tuesday and depart on Wednesday.

MV Bermuda Islander was scheduled to leave Salem, New Jersey, tonight and arrive on schedule on Thursday morning.

At the time of the worker’s termination, Mr Furbert said the dismissal was deemed “grossly unfair” by the workers. The worker in question, had worked on the docks since 1990, and held a management position since 2015.

Mr Furbert noted that the employee came out of the ranks, after he worked his way up to a foreman’s position, before he became a manager. Prior to becoming a manager, Mr Furbert said he was a foreman at the Hamilton Docks for several years.