Local importers were advised by Stevedoring Services Limited [SSL] today “to collect any remaining goods from the docks by the close of business today”, (Tuesday), as “SSL and the port will be closed all day on Wednesday”.

The company said the planned closure will time for “staff to make personal preparations” for Hurricane Humberto.

An advisory will be issued on re-opening as soon as possible once the storm has passed and conditions have been duly assessed.

CEO Warren Jones stated: “Our team has been steadily working the docks since Sunday afternoon discharging goods, and then reloading the MV Oleander on Monday.

“Today, our team is working the Somers Isles container ship. In order to ensure the Oleander and Somers Isles have been fully serviced, the team has not had the opportunity to do any personal preparations. We wish to ensure that they have every opportunity to ensure the safety of their own families and property.”