Bermudians woke up on Monday morning to news of another double shooting.

The good news – the two young men who were gunned down at Gombey’s on Sunday night by a lone gunman are both listed in stable condition.

The bad news – all this on a day when another family laid their loved one to rest and said their final farewells.

And then there’s the same bad feelings and sorrow that surfaces whenever another young Black male is killed as a result of gun violence or road traffic fatalities.

Since 2009 Bermuda has recorded 29 gun murders with another 63 road traffic fatalities of young Black males.

When Wendy Ingemann woke up on Monday morning – those feelings became real all over again.

Her son wasn’t gunned down, he died as a result of a fatal road accident.

On January 2nd in 2010, Earl Ingemann became another road traffic fatality victim at the young age of 21.

For a mother who stood by her son while he suffered with Cardiomyopathy. She stood by him through a successful heart transplant operation and a lengthy recovery. To this day she struggles with how first born son’s life was taken away.

When she woke up to news of a double shooting on Monday, she posted a heartfelt message on her Facebook Page.
We asked her permission to publish it on Bermuda Real. Here’s what she had to say:

“It’s sad to hear that another shooting took place last night.

“As a woman who lost my first born child when he was 21, the sadness you feel in your heart as a mother is probably more painful than the experience of giving birth.

“Yes physical birth is extremely painful, but when its over your heart is overjoyed, you feel LOVE, like pure love for the first time. Its the most beautiful thing a woman can experience. But if that time comes when you have to bury a piece of your heart and soul, that pain is dark, and awful, and for a mother it never ends.

“In the beginning I felt like the world should stop, but the world doesn’t stop, it goes on. You go on with life daily, it never goes away, you learn to live with it.

“You have great days, but than that day comes where something reminds you of your child, a song, or a picture, and you remember, and the pain comes flooding back. Sometimes I even shed a little tear, and my son has been gone for six years.

“The way these young men are killing each other brings pain to my heart when I think of their mothers. Your child can be aged 1-100, that mother still feels that dark pain.

“I didn’t loose my son to murder and I can only imagine the anger these mothers feel on top of this heartache. These young men just don’t know. If they could get hooked to a machine and feel the MENTAL pain and sometimes physical pain, and the feeling of total emptiness that a mother feels when her child has passed, maybe they would think twice.

“The rate these young men are dying, either from the road accidents and the murder is like some kind of genocide, like we are killing off our own young men deliberately. And also when these young men leave children of their own behind another generation is suffering the effects.

“I grew up without a Father, my father passed when I was eight. Sleep well to all the young men who have passed, and I pray your mothers find peace and some sort of comfort. And I pray for Bermuda.

“Just my thoughts.”