Plans are underway to add 50 new rooms at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa, which includes the addition of two three-storey buildings.

The largest building proposed includes 29 guest room, which will located at the site of a sewage treatment plant, with the second building set to house 24 hotel rooms.

An application to move the plant is pending.

According to one of the documents submitted with the plans, “the buildings have been located on the selected sites as they, after study, have been deemed the best locations to maximise the needed additional rooms at the resort with the least impact on the existing character of the resort”.

It was also noted that “the protected woodland reserve to the northeast will provide screening of the lower floors with part of the well-articulated mass, with a traditional roof, projecting above the tree line”.

“While the massing of the two proposed buildings vary, the design of the façades with the terraces, and the roof lines, are very similar. However, the design of the entrance façades of each building is intentionally different.”

“There are four additional parallel parking spaces along the access road east of the proposed tennis court building which will be designated for use by management,” the application said.

“The roadway that provides access to the sewage treatment plant will have minor regrading and widening for emergency vehicle access and it will be used for access to the proposed resort rooms.

“This regrading and widening of the road will not impact any quality vegetation.”

Landscaping includes a mixture of salt and wind-tolerant palms, trees and shrubs including endemic, native and ornamental plants.

The plans were said to be “one of the largest expansion projects” in the resort’s history on their website.

It was also stated that “work will complete in April 2024, and we’ll open our new and improved food and beverage and event space amenities for your enjoyment”.

“We are excited to unveil themed menus, fresh contemporary dining spaces and a new rooftop bar with the friendly and professional service we are known for,” it added.

“Additionally, our main beach will be extended, and additional chaise longues added.”