Bermuda’s Governor John Rankin today congratulated Premier David Burt on the day after the Progressive Labour Party’s crushing green sweep at the poll’s last night in the 2020 General Election.

When it was all said and done the PLP won 30 seats, stripping the One Bermuda Alliance party to a mere six seats out down from 11.

At the end of the day, the PLP gained five seats previoulsy held by the OBA, claiming more than 60 percent of the total vote.

But that fell against one of the lowest voter turnout rate recorded in decades.

On the day after the sweeping victory, the Premier was off to Government House to see Governor Rankin.

A Government House post online said: “The Governor congratulated the Premier on the results of the General Election and said that he looked forward to working with him and the new Government in the discharge of their respective responsibilities under the Constitution.

“The Governor also welcomed the continuing strength of Bermuda’s democratic institutions which help to ensure the free and fair elections in which Bermudians have once again participated.”

In his victory speech outside party headquarters at Alaska Hall around 12:30am, Mr Burt acknowledged the low voter turnout saying it was time to “reach out to all Bermudians, but especially those who did not support us”.

“We have an incredibly difficult road ahead for this country and it is going to require us all to work together, whether we be Government, Opposition, business, unions and citizens,” he said.

“I now say that it is time for us to put aside our red, our yellow and our green — our historical divisions — and come together as one people, one Bermuda, to recover our economy and to build a more inclusive economy that benefits all.

“I pledge to you today that this PLP government will not take this significant margin in the House of Assembly for granted.

“This is an awesome honour and now is not the time for arrogance. It is the time for humility and reflection,” he added.

“It is a time to redouble our efforts to reconnect with those who feel across the country that this government is not listening to them.”