After racking up repair bills to the tune of $60,000, Public Works Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch has confirmed that both the Governor and Premier were to receive new cars.

The two cars have put in a combined 44 years of service.

The Minister noted that the Government’s fleet of 13 Ministerial cars had not been replenished in the last 12 years.

“We believe this decision represents a prudent investment in our Government fleet,” he said.

“Quite frankly, they needed to be replaced urgently. The Governor’s former vehicle was 23 years old, and the Premier’s car was 21 years old.

“In fact, out of our fleet of 13 ministerial cars, six are out of service due to maintenance and repairs. The newest Toyota Corolla model vehicle used in the ministerial fleet is more than 12 years old.

“I can also say that ministerial cars frequently break down – and in some cases, every week. Replacement parts to carry out the necessary repairs are becoming a challenge to procure due to the age of the vehicle and can take months to be imported.

“It should be noted that these official cars are not solely used by Government officials and the Governor, but also to transport visiting dignitaries including heads of state.”

A spokesman also noted that the new cars were purchased locally.

“Given the custom duty paid to the Government by the importer; the cost to the taxpayer will be under $25,000 each,” he added.