News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Cabinet Office today provided an update on the government services impacted by the current coronavirus outbreak in the community.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson stated, “Today the Government is providing an update on the departments and services that are impacted by the current restrictions. Additionally, public officers who can work from home are working from home. The following departments are providing modified services to the general public.

Social Insurance

Office location:  Ground Floor, Government Administration Building

Service impacted:  Reception area cashiers.

Revised service delivery:  19 April, 2021

1.      Benefits will be paid on the normal payment date April 15th 2021, and all new applications received prior to February 28th 2021 will also be paid on April 15, 2021

2.      All social insurance contribution payments can be made via HSBC, Butterfield and Clarien Banks online bill pay platform

3.      A drop box will be available in the Government Administration Building foyer.

For more information:


For billing enquiries email:

For benefit enquiries email: or phone 297-7703

For Compliance matters email: or phone 297-7718

Website link for more information:

Ministry of Health

Call centre:

Operating hours have changed to 9am – 8pm.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 444-2498

–          Email:

Ministry of Health Headquarters

There is limited walk-in service.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 278-4900

–          Email:

Health Insurance Department

The office is closed to the public, there will be no in-person services and there may be delayed response times. Payments can be made online or by phone. Cash payments cannot be accepted at this time.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 295-9210

–          Email:

Nurse Case Management

There may be an extended response time for assessments.

Child Health (Hamilton Health Center, 67 Victoria Street, Hamilton)

Health visitor service and child health reception services are limited.  This will result in limited home visits for child health clients, however telephone consultations will continue. The turnaround times for routine requests have increased, for example requests for standard immunization records, may be delayed.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 278-6460

–          Email:

Public Transportation

There is full transportation service with limited capacity on buses and ferries.

–          Buses website: Bus Alerts | Government of Bermuda (

–          Ferries website: Ferry Service (

Bermuda National Libraries:

Curbside, online and telephone services are available.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 295-2905 or WhatsApp: 333-8618

–          Email: Main Library –

–          Email: Youth Library –

–          Website:

Bermuda Archives:

Service is available by appointment only.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 295-5151 ext. 1737 or 297-7737

–          Email:

Department of Human Resources

·         Office location: 3rd Floor Ingham & Wilkinson Building, 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM12

Services impacted:

·         In-person (face-to-face) reception service to receive mail and packages will not be available

·         Public Service Commission submissions may be delayed

·         Public Service Commission decisions may be deferred if research of files is required

·         Delays in processing payments may occur depending on the access and capabilities

 For more information:

–          Email:

–          Phone number: 279-2820

Any other information

·         Office will reopen on April 12, 2021

Bermuda Housing Corporation located at Seven Arches Building

Support services for annual inspections of Bermuda Housing Corporations’ properties will be impacted. Remote meetings with clients will be conducted.

For more information:

–          Phone number: 295-8623

–          Email:

–          Website:

Works & Engineering

Office location: Post Office Building, 56 Church Street, 3rd floor (office currently closed)

Service impacted:  motor vehicle fleet

Revised service delivery:

(1) Maintenance service delays;

(2) No disbursement of cars from pool;

(3) Quarry gas station closed (Marsh Folly will remain in service)

For more information:

–          Phone number: 293-2210

Works & Engineering (Quarry)

Office location: 18 Quarry Road, Hamilton Parish

Service impacted: Stores

Revised service delivery: Closed

For more information:

–          Phone number: 293-2210

Works & Engineering

Office location: Post Office Building, 56 Church Street, 3rd floor (office currently closed)

Service impacted:  Water, solid waste, special waste

Revised service delivery: Delays expected

For more information:

–          Phone number: 278-0570 (water); 278-0560 (waste)


Office location: Botanical Gardens, 169 South Rd, Paget (phone contact only)

Service impacted: Events

Revised service delivery:

(1) Delays expected in processing refunds for cancelled events

(2) No processing of special permits

For more information:

–          Email:

–          Phone number: 236-5902

Port Royal & Ocean View Golf Courses

Office location: 5 Middle Rd, Southampton / 2 Barkers Hill Rd, Devonshire

Service impacted: Group sizes and available supplies

Revised service delivery: Smaller group sizes, golf cart restrictions, usual supplies not provided (water, rakes, etc.), remote check in (by phone is encouraged)

For more information:

–          Phone number: 234-0974 / 295-9092


Office location: 1 Longfield Rd, St. George’s / Dockyard

Service impacted: building maintenance

Revised service delivery: emergency maintenance only for individual units

For more information:

–          Phone number: 293-5172 / 234-1709

Bermuda Post Office

Office location: BMPC, Mangrove Bay, General Post Office Letter Floor

Service impacted: mail pick up from airport, delays in delivery of mail/parcels to sub offices and mail delivery/parcel pick up for Sandys Parish residents

Revised service delivery: resuming on 8 April

For more information:

–          Email:

–          Phone number: 297-7893

–          Website:

Registry General


Customers urgently requiring birth, domestic partnership, marriage, and/or death certificates may email their request using the following email addresses (please select that which applies):-


The Registry General will facilitate scheduled Civil Ceremonies. Couples and no more than eight guests must strictly adhere to COVID-19 regulations. Queries can be sent to:


Temporary fundraising licence

Privately funded charities

Charities wishing to submit annual reports may do so by sending statutory documents and proof of payment to

Persons interested in making an application for a Temporary Fundraising Licence may submit their request on the required form to

Applications for Privately Funded Charity exemption may be submitted on the required form to

The Charity Register can be viewed on the Official Gazette.

Intellectual Property Registration

Intellectual Property Agents and customers wishing to submit registration applications or submit any other documents for Intellectual Property matters may do so by sending an email to: Customers urgently requiring IP certificates or notices may submit their request by email and arrange an appointment for curbside collection.

.BM Domain Name Registration

Customers needing to register a .BM domain name must first conduct a search on to ensure that the domain name of interest is available.

Existing customers can email or call 297-7708 for assistance.

Professional registration

Marriage Officers, Trade Unions, Architects, Engineers, and/or Surveyors may email their re-registration via  or


Annual Ticket Holders and the general public may email to schedule an appointment.

Electronic funds transfer information

Funds may be remitted to the Registry General via Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit), from the following local banks:




For matters that are time-sensitive and/or of high importance, please contact:

Registrar General

Aubrey Pennyman


Assistant Registrar General

Denise N. Carey


Manager – Vital & General Registration

Melody Parris


Legal & Compliance Officer / Charities

Trademark Examiner (Supervisor)

Domain Name Officer

Marvin Hanna

Sheryll Kelly

Chequila Chase





Land Title and Registration (LTRO):

·     The LTRO will remain open for business albeit with a smaller skeleton staff within the office.

·      Documents may be delivered to the LTRO but by appointment only until further notice.

·     The main number to call is 294-9266

·     All search rooms remain fully open, but searches will be by appointment only until further notice, send email to

·     All voluntary registration applications directly from members of the public have been suspended until further notice.

·     All face to face meetings (with members of the public and all stakeholders including attorneys) have been suspended until further notice

For Consumer Affairs:

·     All rental inspections are suspended.

·     There are no walk-in or in-house meetings.

·     All forms and information can be accessed via the Government Portal under Consumer Affairs.

·     Members of the public who do not have internet access can pick up a form for rent increases, debt collection licensing application and leases guidelines from the foyer outside the office.

·         General inquiries and forms can be submitted to or placed into the dropbox outside of the office.

For more information

·         Consumer Affairs –  297-7627

·         Rent Control – 297-7700


·     The department is closed to walk-in queries. For assistance phone: 297-7756

·     Building and electrical inspection requests should continue using the code-a-phone: 297-7828

·     Officers can be contacted via email and via virtual meetings.

·     For general enquiries – email

·     Website:

·     The Department’s system:

·     For inquiries on how to use the online system, please contact our Information Systems Officer, Ms. Mandy Shailer

The spokesperson reiterated, “The Cabinet Office will not share information about any department that may or may not be in quarantine nor provide information about any public officer who may or may not be confirmed positive for the coronavirus.”