Nick Kempe, Shadow Minister of Finance

Recent criticism by Opposition Senate Leader Nick Kempe that household mailers highlighting the Progressive Labour Party administration’s accomplishments represent a “wanton” waste of taxpayer funds were dismissed by the PLP administration.

In a statement issued late Wednesday night, a government spokesperson said: “Governments around the world regularly update the public on things that matter to them, and this government will be no different.

“The people of Bermuda have a right to know what their government is doing and we will make no apologies for keeping the public informed. Whether it’s mail to all households or an advert in the daily newspaper,” she said.

“The flyer was paid for by the Cabinet Office and the Department of Communications. 30,000 flyers were printed for delivery to every household at a cost of $5719.00 which equated to 19 cents per home. There was no cost for postage.”

The spokeswoman added: “”The text for mailers were finalised in early October; however, with the untimely death of former MP Brown, the mailing was deferred until after he was laid to rest.”

The statement comes the day after One Bermuda Alliance Senator Nick Kempe said the mailer – Two Years Working for the People had “conveniently arrived in mailboxes at the time of a bye-election”.

“If people check their mailboxes they will notice what seems to be a thinly veiled political communication that has been funded by the taxpayer and sent out to everyone.

“It is a turn for the worse and I am hoping that we can see a shift towards a more accountable use of political capital and taxpayer funds,” he added.

Speaking in the Upper House on Wednesday, he said the mailer merely aimed to “service a party as opposed to a government and country as a whole”.

He also accused the Premier of failing to address pledges made in the PLP’s platform.

“People should be asking the government to do better,” said Sen Kempe.

The summary document “cost 19 cents per household ($5,719 in total) to produce”.

Earlier this week, Premier David Burt said: “This document is a summary of how we have delivered for the people for Bermuda over the past two years and acknowledges the continued mission to change the status quo that has failed so many of our fellow Bermudians.”

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