News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – On Thursday, August 25th, 2022, Lorraine Rest Home celebrated its 60th anniversary and was officially renamed Lorraine Nursing Home. 

The Minister of Social Development and Seniors, Tinee Furbert, shared: “In 2018, The Government granted licensure to Lorraine Rest Home to provide nursing care services.” 

“It is only right that we take the time to formally acknowledge Lorraine Rest Home as a Nursing Home formally.” 

Minister Furbert added: “Long-term care has drastically changed. Driven by increased care needs, regulation, and other consumer pressures. Certainly, Nursing Homes have had challenges throughout the pandemic; however, we must always encourage quality care.

“The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors remains committed to supporting our seniors. We provide grants to nursing homes to ensure access to nursing home care is available if needed. We also support seniors through the Office of Ageing and Disability Services to demonstrate support for adequate staffing, dignity, and safety in seniors’ accommodation.”

Minister Furbert concluded: “Thank you to the staff and members of Warwick Parish Council and Lorraine Amenities for the time and dedication you put into daily caring for our seniors; we recognise it is a demanding role.” 

“The Bermuda Government works closely with our nursing and residential care homes supported by many Ministries – including The Ministry of Economy and Labour- Department of Financial Assistance, The Ministry of Health – Bermuda Health Council, The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport, and The Ministry of Finance.”