News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “As the future leaders of Bermuda and the world, it is vital that our youth understand and are involved in choosing the path we take”, explained the Minister of Home Affairs, Walter Roban. “To encourage all youth to actively participate in protecting and improving our environment and the well-being of our people, the Ministry of Home Affairs is excited to announce the April 13th launch of the Bermuda Environmental Action for Youth engagement portal.” 

This online community will be dedicated to making a real-world impact on environmental issues in Bermuda and building a community of passionate young people working toward a better tomorrow. To that end, the Ministry encourages Bermuda’s youth to visit to join and get involved. However, all are welcome, and it’s totally free.  

The launch event will be the very first action campaign on Ocean Health. Held on April 13th at 4pm, the Ministry will bring together an exceptional group of young activists and educators for a live online roundtable discussion about why the ocean matters and how we can protect it. Join us to hear firsthand the personal experiences of our youth and panel participants as they share how they work to make a difference and protect our environment. This is an opportunity for individuals to learn and be inspired to go out and contribute in their own way. 

The event panellists for this thoughtful and engaging event include: 

  • Mr Aaron Crichlow – Founder, Bermuda is Love
  • Ms Holly Wakely – Marine Activist & Dive Instructor; and
  • Dr Geoff Smith – Engineer, Government of Bermuda

The moderator for the event will be:

·         Ms Hannah Horsfield – Programmes Educator, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs encourages all to participate in the event through the Bermuda Government’s Facebook, CITV, or YouTube channels. 

Minister Roban added: “The Bermuda Environmental Action youth engagement portal, alongside other initiatives, will help draw attention to our oceans, create economic opportunities, improve living standards, and, perhaps most importantly, protect and preserve our environment for future generations. Because as the saying goes, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” 

For more information about this and other events or to join Bermuda Environmental Action, visit