The search is on for a contractor to repair the ageing roof of Government House, which was declared unfit for use last year.

The request for non-binding quotations for Government House roof covering was published on the government procurement website earlier this week.

The notice said: “The ministry is looking for a qualified and experienced contractor to carry out the services of the TPO Government House Roof Covering Project.

“The contractor is to allow for the careful removal and disposal of the existing roof coverings, which is comprised of cement-covered clay tiles to the main house, towers and staff quarters, and with roofing boards to the veranda and an SKB-type roof over timber boards to the Deputy Governor’s office.

“Allow for the retaining of the timber battens to the main house and timber boards beneath Deputy Governor’s office. The existing metal gutters and downpipes are to be retained.”

The successful contractor would be required to provide labour and materials for the project as specified while complying with all relevant building codes.

The works may be carried out while the buildings are partially occupied, with roof-covering works to be carried out during forecast dry weather conditions.

“The contractor is to allow for alterations and repositioning temporary tarpaulins, etc, necessary to protect the interior areas during the course of the roof-covering works,” the documents stated.

The underside of the existing clay tile roof at Government House

A mandatory site visit for prospective applicants will take place on July 15 and the deadline for submissions being August 5.

It was also noted back in 2022 that Government House suffered extensive water damage due to leaking roofs and faulty windows over the years.

But major repairs were deferred due to a lack of cash.

When it was deemed unfit and unsafe to live in back in September, Bermuda’s Governor Rena Lalgie, and her family were moved to temporary accommodations in Paget.

The full remediation of the roof and windows is expected to take three to five years, to the tune of $2.684 million allocated in the 2024-25 Budget for repairs to the ageing building.

A spokeswoman for the Cabinet Office stated back in April, when the application was submitted to the Development Applications Board, said the work was scheduled to begin once the plans were approved.

The Ministry of Public Works will manage and oversee project, with the contractor required to provide labour and materials that comply with the island’s building codes.

Built in 1892 on a 33-acre estate in Pembroke to replace “Mount Langton”, an earlier residence, Government House employs 20 executive, secretarial, and domestic staff who work for the Governor and Deputy Governor.