News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “Given these circumstances, we believe the equitable course of action is to allow both of our municipal bodies to proceed with their elections providing for officeholders to serve for two years instead of the customary three years, pending the Privy Council’s ruling,” said Minister of Public Works, Lt Col David Burch.

The Ministry of Public Works has informed the Corporations of Hamilton and St George that they may hold ordinary municipal elections this coming May.

The Government has agreed to give way to the elections on the condition that elected municipal officeholders will serve only a two-year term.

The public will recall the Legislature deferring municipal elections for one year early last year in a bid to maintain the operational stability of both Corporations pending the determination of a matter before the Court of Appeal.

Minister Burch added: “This matter has since made its way to the Privy Council, Bermuda’s highest appellate Court. While we had hoped for a determination by the court by now, we acknowledge the matter will take longer for a resolution.”

The Parliamentary Registrar has been advised and will make the necessary arrangements to conduct the poll. A Bill will be presented to the Legislature to effect the change to two years.