News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Fourteen public officers were recognised for their efforts and impact in increasing the overall core values of Government at the Heroes Without a Cape reception.

The event, held on November 8, was hosted by the Wellness and Balance subcommittee to provide an opportunity for colleagues to say thank you to team members who have a consistent positive influence on their co-workers and in their workplace.

Premier David Burt stated: “I offer my congratulations to everyone who was recognised during the first Heroes Without A Cape celebration.

“This was an opportunity to identify public officers who provide outstanding service to their colleagues and the general public,” he said.

“My Government believes hard work and dedication must be rewarded and we will continue to ensure deserving employees are celebrated for providing the best service possible.”

During the event, Dr Derrick Binns, Head of the Public Service, said: “While so many public officers are worthy of recognition, today we are identifying those of you who were nominated by your colleagues.

“We are proud of you, as dedicated and professional team members who work hard to create a sense of unity within your departments every day.”

Public Officers were asked to nominate colleagues, or Heroes, who consistently have a positive impact on their work environment. Colleagues wrote a 300-word description of specific instances that proved the nominees deserved special recognition.

Dr Binns added: “Our heroes have excelled in creating healthy working relationships and a supportive environment in their respective departments. This, ultimately, helps to boost customer satisfaction within the organisation. Therefore it is my pleasure to offer congratulations to each person who was nominated.

“I look forward to hosting this reception in the future as we will make this an annual event to recognise the heroes amongst us.”

Some of those celebrated at the event were nominated by more than one of their teammates.

Recipients of the Heroes Without A Cape recognition programme were:



Ashley Stone

Bermuda National Library

Deirdre M. Otway

Youth, Sport, and Recreation

Gary Ratteray

Marine & Ports

Jamie Cook

Health Insurance

Jene Charles-Prentice

Social Insurance

Marisa Stones

ICT Policy and Innovation

Nicole Famous

Bermuda Post Office

Rachel Hall

Land Valuation

Randy York

Bermuda National Library

Rosalyn Mingo

Department of Health

Sloane Wilson

ICT Policy and Innovation

Tiffany Tucker

Information and Digital Technologies

Veronica Baptista

Ageing and Disability Services

Vincent Swan

Public Transportation

  • About the Heroes Without a Cape Recognition Initiative: The event was hosted by the Public Service People Survey Steering Committee’s Wellness and Balance subcommittee, chaired by Maryem Biadillah, Senior Policy Analyst. The Wellness and Balance Committee developed a campaign based on positive messaging founded on the “Government Cares about Public Officers. It published regular Nuggets which were fast-to-read email messages that revolved around the fact that a person can reap significant health benefits by making simple changes to their routine. The committee also organised the ‘Heroes Without A Cape’ nomination campaign, which recognised Public Officers who are known to make the workplace better through their words and actions
  • Feature Photo Supplied From Left to Right: Jeane Nikolai, Aideen Ratteray Pryce, Dr. Derrick Binns, Sloane Wilson, Veronica Baptista, Jamie Cook, Nicole Famous, Tiffany Tucker, Gary Ratteray, Marisa Stones, Vincent Swan, Deidre M Otway, Rosalyn Mingo, Ashley Stone, Randy York, Maryem Biadillah, Tekea Saunders – Not pictured: Jene Charles-Prentice, Rachel Hall