The Ministry with Responsibility for Government Reform announced the appointment Jonathan Smith, Vincent Hollinsid, and Orin Simmons as the Government’s new Public Service Negotiating Team (PSNT).

The PSNT will be responsible for leading future union negotiations. To date, Government has completed negotiations with the Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU), the Fire Services Association (FSA), the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU), and interim agreements with the Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT) and the School Principals who are represented by the BPSU. Negotiations with the Prison Officers Association (POA) and the Bermuda Police Association (BPA) are currently in progress.

Minister Lovitta Foggo acknowledged “the dedication and commitment” of the outgoing PSNT – Gary Phillips, Martin Law and John Harvey.

“We are thankful for their work in guiding the negotiations to a conclusion. Their work verified for this Government that the application of a negotiations’ model that relies on non-union members to represent the Government’s interest is a reasonable approach.”

The Minister continued: “We are grateful to have the services of Mr Smith, Mr Hollinsid and Mr Simmons. They each have a wealth of knowledge and negotiations experience. We very much look forward to seeing the positive results of their engagement with our unions.

“This Government remains committed to engendering a respect for the workers in the public service. In that regard, we will continue to work with our unions to cultivate improved organizational performance, which will ultimately benefit the Government, the employees, and by extension the people of Bermuda.”

  • Feature Photo Courtesy of DCI: Minister Foggo with the newly appointed Public Service Negotiating Team – Orin Simmons, Jonathan Smith and Vincent Hollinsid.