This year’s Bermuda Day Parade will see the return to the tradition of having the Gombeys close out the line up.

At a news conference this week, Minister of Social Development and Sport, Nandi Outerbridge said: “The Gombeys have requested that they return to close out the parade, as was traditional in the past.” And their request has been granted.

This year’s Heritage Month and Bermuda Day Parade theme is ‘Our Sporting Heritage’, to celebrate “Bermudian sporting heroes and Bermuda’s favourite sports and games”.

The parade gets underway at 1:30pm on Wednesday, on the 24th of May, along the following route:

“The Bermuda Day Parade will move along Marsh Folly Road and continue right through to the top of Cedar Avenue. The Parade then turns left onto Church Street, takes a right down Court Street, a right along Front Street, and finally up Queen Street. Groups will be able to give a final performance in City Hall car park. Large truck will turn left on to Church Street and continue west. Floats will make a right turn on to Church Street, park in front of City Hall and remain there on display throughout the afternoon.”

The Minister also said a ‘party’ mid-parade will take place, “with the Passion Bermuda soca truck to keep the energy high”.

The parade will be aired live on CITV and streamed live on Facebook.

Members of the public are also being asked “to share their favourite holiday moments on social media by using the hashtags #BermudaCulture to see highlights of the events”.

The Ministry has also “partnered with Bermemes for an upcoming video campaign highlighting behind-the-scenes looks at getting ready for Bermuda Day and Bermudian pride”.

“It is very exciting that so many groups have decided to participate this year,” said Ms Outerbridge.

“I recognize that it can be incredibly expensive for the participants that have to get costumes and decorations: and I really encourage our residents to rally around those individuals who decide to participate,” she added.

“Whether people come to the Bermuda Day Parade, go swimming, boating, picnicking or relax at home I would like to wish our residents and visitors a safe, happy and fun-filled day.”

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