Good news out of Lahey Clinic in Boston, where Bermudian Willie Clemons has a long road to recovery ahead of him possibly as long as six to eight weeks” due to kidney failure.

The 64-year-old father “still requires a stent surgery”. And even then, he will be left with medical expenses not covered by FutureCare, which is why his family launched a GoFundMe account, with a fundraising goal set at $30,000.

When contacted by Bermuda Real this week Ashayo Clemons, his daughter said the $3,000 raised last week has climbed to $8,000, as the family’s appeal for help continues.

“The $30k will cover the ambulance, the total cost of $20k and a six to eight-week hotel stay, which will definitely be quite costly.”

Asked what she would say to encourage people to help, she said: “I would say every donation counts .

“This could happen to anyone no one knows when they will need help.

“My dad had never been sick, his kidneys suddenly failed and he went in KEMH trusting everything would work out and it didn’t.

“Instead he was rushed via air ambulance. Now we are stuck with a huge bill. We are thankful to Lahey who basically saved his life,” she added.

Ashayo Clemons

Moving forward, Ms Clemons said: “We hope that the second procedure goes well.”

She also expressed the family’s “deep and heartfelt gratitude to all of you who sent me well wishes, kept my father and family in your prayers, shared or posted our story and sent monetary donations, love and support during this difficult time.

“Words will never be enough for me to adequately thank you all for everything,” said Ms Clemons.

“After tough few weeks, I’m happy to report that we believe the worst is behind us, and he is steadily improving each day.

“His kidney numbers continue to drop toward normal levels and the majority of swelling and bloating has subsided.

“He is in much higher spirits and would like to thank everyone who kept him in their prayers and provided us with support thus far.”

She noted that her father’s spirits were lifted even further when his son, also named Willie Clemons, arrived in Boston last Wednesday to spend time with him.

“He will remain in hospital for another few weeks as doctors continue to monitor his condition, look to identify the initial causes and repair some damage to his kidneys sustained during this ordeal,” she said.

“Thank you to everyone please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽 #roadtorecovery #grateful.”

Mr Clemons was airlifted to Lahey Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts on June 6, where he was receiving dialysis treatment daily.
His family created a GoFundMe page in his name in a bid to help cover his medical costs because FutureCare insurance only covers about 60 percent of the medical costs.
The Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association (LCCA) charity gave $18,000 to cover the air ambulance with a $2,000 payment from the family. That money has to be paid back to the LCCA in instalments.
Not covered is hotel accommodations and air care for accompanying persons,” said Ms Clemons.