Frankie Rabain has earned a reputation for being an exemplary golf professional; some will regard Frankie as a golf professional’s golf professional.

When Frank Rabain came to Port Royal in 1976, he had some big shoes to fill – that was certainly the impression from we homegrown Southampton players who had been cultivated under Walter King – but a 34-year tenure answers any reservations which were initially asked.

Frank Rabain ran a good operation at Ocean View Golf Club and established a formidable junior golf program. In fact, the Frank Weinstein Junior Championship was a prestigious Matchplay tournament.”

I remember winning the Frank Weinstein Junior Championship in a televised final against then Junior Champion Aaron Spencer Jr, shown on ZFB TV at Ocean View Golf Course in 1974. What an awesome experience at that time Frankie Rabain and Frank Weinstein would provide.

In the late 1960s, Frank Rabain was among the top amateur golfers emerging out of Ocean View, but he turned pro and quickly earned a good reputation as a golf teacher. Bermudian golf professionals had to work two and three jobs to make ends meet to feed their families. Frank Rabain was no different – he was both a musician and tradesman (tiler). As an accomplished musician, Frankie played with legendary Lance Hayward and did stints in Montego Bay, Jamaica with the band, and later with Brian Butterfield’s ‘Island Revue.’

During Frank Rabain’s tenure at Ocean View, many juniors were being produced and Frankie’s style of teaching was evident. Legend has it that Frankie was initially taught golf by his future wife Alora (Simons) Rabain – while folklore, it certainly makes for a romantic storyline. Talk about a man with a plan! While socially Frank Rabain was gregarious with an award winning smile, his wife Alora was the life of a any party and a golf trailblazer in her own right.

Frank Rabain made history by becoming the first Bermudian to qualify for a major championship: the 1971 British Open at Royal Birkdale.”

Former Bermuda Open Champion Keith Smith said: “One of the highlights of my golf career was being with Frankie Rabain when he qualified and played in the British Open at Royal Birkdale.It was an awesome experience and I was proud to have been there to witness.”

Frank Rabain was a 2-time winner of the Bermuda Open and also qualified for the British & US Senior Open Championships.

As a Bermuda PGA President and Captain, Frank Rabain gave back to the game of golf in many ways. Many young people worked at Port Royal for Golf Pro.”

Government Golf Course Trustee Accountant Mr Lamel Burch said: “I fondly remember working at Port Royal for Frankie after school, weekends and summers – what a great way to get introduced to the game of golf.”

“Frank Rabain believed in education and often travelled overseas to participate in certification courses to upgrade his skills as a golf professional.

Frankie’s passing left a void; he was forever young at heart and in our hearts he will always remain.