The youth group Generation Next is today urging all young voters to attend the One Bermuda Alliance youth forum this evening, to ask the “unanswered questions” they have been inundated with in the lead up to the General Election.

The forum will be held at CedarBridge Academy at 6pm.

In a statement released this morning, the group, founded by Eron Hill, said it presents young voters with an opportunity “to question the OBA MPs and candidates on their party’s record and proposed policies”.

The statement continues: “A video advertisement for the forum states that the forum is ‘an opportunity to get those questions that you’ve always had to finally be answered, so do not miss this opportunity!’

“We see this evening’s forum as an opportunity for our young people to ask some of the unanswered questions that Generation Next has been inundated with, including some of the following:

* Why has OBA leader Mr Dunkley abstained from voting on serious issues in the House of Assembly?
* The OBA managed to find over $140 million dollars for the America’s Cup after telling seniors that ‘money does not grow on trees. Where are the OBA’s priorities?
* How does the OBA explain its failure to not only produce 2,000 jobs but the loss of a further 2,000 jobs over the past five years?
* Why did the OBA fail in its election promise to implement absentee voting for overseas students?
* Why did OBA leader Mr Dunkley refuse to debate and engage with young Bermudians? Why did he refuse to meet with teachers?
* Why did the OBA refuse to allocate proper resources to deal with mould and dilapidated school infrastructure?
* Why is collaborative comprehensive immigration reform absent from the OBA’s platform?

“It remains the most unfortunate circumstance that not a single OBA member attended the recent Generation Next community forum to answer these questions despite all candidates and former MPs from both parties having been invited to engage in open dialogue with young [sic]; it is equally disappointing that our Premier refused the Generation Next debate invitation even after he was extended the offer to select a venue and moderator of his party’s choice.

“Notwithstanding the latter, we encourage our fellow young Bermudians to continue their search for answers this evening by listening carefully to what the OBA say and don’t say; we also encourage young Bermudians to ‘pepper’ the OBA candidates with their questions as was done with the PLP candidates who attended the Generation Next community forum.

“Our young people deserve to know what the position of our leaders are on a number of matters and Generation Next realizes that it is of upmost importance that our young people not only feel a part of the process in shaping Bermuda, but that we also contribute to that process. Having regard to this overriding principle, we encourage all to come out this evening at 6pm at the CedarBridge Academy to let your voice be heard!

“Generation Next speaks for the masses of young Bermudians who realize that Bermuda needs real leadership. We desire sincere, honest, transparent, and effective leadership. We need leadership that is transparent and accessible. We need leadership that will fight for social and economic equality for ALL Bermudians. We look forward to seeing you there tonight – You are the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow – Generation Next.”