When you go through the constituencies, one by one and consider voter turnout this upcoming General Election looks set to be a grueling race in some key areas.
The number one hotspot will be Constituency 36 Sandys North, where the seat vacated by former Progressive Labour Party MP Michael Scott will be contested by Marc Bean; a former PLP Leader, who now heads up the Freedom Democratic Movement (FDM).
Marc Bean is taking on the PLP’s Kathy Lynn Simmons and the OBA’s Jeff Sousa. This is the race to watch.
The Simmons family is strong in Somerset but generally the constituents in this area don’t know this PLP candidate and Bean carries a lot of weight with the youth and he’s strong in grassroots.┬áMark this one down for all-out war!
Clearly the safest three are the three PLP candidates whose seats are not being contested ie: Michael Weeks, Neville Tyrell and Jason Hayward.
So let’s go through it from C1 Renee Ming is safe!
But there’s a three-way race in C2 for the PLP’s Kim Swan, who will be challenged by James Perry for the OBA and Dwaine Smith for the FDM.
The last time around Kim Swan defeated Nandi Outerbridge at the polls. The final count – 691 votes for Swan, 360 votes for Outerbridge.
This time around is totally different, how it will pan out – we shall see.
Next door in C3, Lovitta Foggo is safe. But that may or may not be the case for the PLP MP incumbent in C4 Tinee Furbert, who is being challenged by Kimberlee Pitcher of the OBA.

As a Pitcher, this candidate may give Ms Furbert a race because the Pitcher family ties in that area run strong. Either way, unlike the last General Election when the PLP pulled off a clean sweep in all four constituencies down at the east end, this time around it could pan out differently. And there was a boundary change in this constituency.

The next two constituencies look set to be a shoe in for the PLP’s Derrick Burgess and Wayne Furbert.

Right next door in C7 Hamilton South, there is a three-way race between the PLP’s Anthony Richardson, Robin Tucker of the OBA and Cheryl Packwood for the FDM.

But C8 and C9 is a no brainer. Owen Darrell and Vance Campbell won’t win anything down there – period!

This article is a work in progress to be continued…as we move in transit to another location.