News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Public Works advises that due to the Public Holiday & National Day of Mourning on Monday, September 19, 2022, household waste that would usually be collected on that day will be collected on Tuesday, September 20. 

All garbage collection on the week of the 19th will follow a rollover schedule, with Tuesday’s garbage collected on Wednesday, Wednesday’s collected on Thursday, Thursday’s collected on Friday and Friday’s collected on Saturday. 

Recycling collection will not be impacted by the Public Holiday & National Day of Mourning. Per the 2022 Garbage and Recycling Schedule, west-end recycling will be collected on Thursday, 22 September, while East End recyclables will be collected on Friday, September 23. 

The Tynes Bay Pubic Drop Off will be open during the holiday from 9am until 12pm and is free to drivers of private cars, L and LP vehicles; recyclables and other waste items are also accepted.

The Ministry also takes this opportunity to advise that given the recent rainy spell, many trees and hedges have grown rapidly therebycreating an impediment to waste collection vehicles in the course of their duties which in turns increases the risk of injury to the collection crews operating waste trucks.

As a result, those areas where necessary tree and hedge trimming is not undertaken may experience disruption of waste collection services since the larger vehicles are not able to safely traverse the respective zones.  

Homeowners who are unsure if their trees need trimming are encouraged to contact the Marsh Folly Waste Collection section on 292-1517.  

For further information about waste and recycling in Bermuda, visit