Prior to her Cabinet departure and the subsequent switch to PLP MP Michael Weeks, the new Minister, the former Minister, St George’s MP for C1 – Renée Ming provided the most recent update on Gang Violence in Bermuda, in the House of Assembly, on February 4, 2022.

In that update, she referred to the most recent estimate by the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), on the number of gang members.

As of the second month of this year there were 200 to 250 people “actively involved with gangs in Bermuda”.

That estimate includes children, “actively recruited” children from as young as 8-years-old”.

The impact of gangs and violence, was a “scourge on our community”, she added, while noting that the root causes “are a painful reflection of generations of economic and social inequality in Bermuda and the mindset it creates”.

This, combined with a number of other factors, including the breakdown of the family unit – especially the Black family unit, brings us the update on where we are as a community today.

On August 7, 2022, we sat down with lawyer Larry Scott and former PLP MP Ashfield DeVent on Bermuda Real One On One, which aired on Ch82 on Monday (Sept 19).