Premier of Bermuda David Burt presented the Future Leaders of Bermuda with $19,000 in sponsorship to help fund initiatives of the summer programme that supports young people.

Participating students, led by organizer Ryan Robinson-Perinchief, attended the Cabinet Office where they had an opportunity to meet with the Premier.

“I’m pleased to welcome the Future Leaders Programme participants to the Cabinet Office,” said Premier Burt.

“These young people will join the three week training programme which will examine leadership, poverty, violence, injustice, identity and privilege, social justice and they will participate in community service projects.”

He congratulated the group “for taking the step, for joining the programme and exploring the world around you as you make a difference to your family, community and Bermuda”.
“Leadership does not depend on your age, experience or knowledge. It only requires the willingness to be bold with the desire to help guide and shape others.
“What you will learn in the programme will help you immediately while laying the foundation for the future,” he added.
During the course of their lives he said: “You will meet leaders in our community who will share their journey with you. They will encourage you, they will provide support.
“I urge you to tap into their knowledge and wisdom. Ask questions. Test your assumptions. Push yourselves and each other. Explore topics and expand your thinking.
“This is the opportunity to grow and from your experiences you will help to shape Bermuda today and into the future.”
When it comes to leadership, he reminded the young group members, that “leadership is also about courage”.
“Everything you see around you was once an idea in someone’s head. That person gathered their courage, started on the journey and found people who would help them to make their dream a reality,” he said.
And he commended Ryan Robinson Perinchief, “who is the force behind this programme”, who “has done an outstanding job of finding people who supported his goals and helped to bring his vision to life”.
“Congratulations Ryan on the start of another leadership programme.”
On presenting the group with a $19,000 cheque, he said the Goverment was “pleased to sponsor this important and meaningful youth initiative… so any young person who wants to participate can do so without concern for the cost”.
Premier Burt concluded: “This government believes in our young people. We encourage you. We support you. And I look forward to hearing of your future successes.”
  • PHOTOS Courtesy of DCI include: Future Leader 14 year old McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett, who explained the benefits she is deriving from the programme, Premier Burt and Ryan Robinson-Perinchief (r) joined the Future Leaders on the steps of the Cabinet Office, with participants in the Future Leaders programme