A grieving family further traumatized when hospital officials refused to release the body of their patriarch, saying they planned to perform an autopsy.

Abdullah Furqan, 85, passed away during the early morning hours on May 19, at the home of one of his daughters, where he lived under her care in Devonshire.

His body was conveyed to KEMH, where a decision was taken to conduct an autopsy.

Muslims bury their dead within 24 hours and the Furqan family were also opposed to an autopsy.

Two of his children went to the hospital on Sunday to get to secure the release, which was refused.

What hospital officials did not expect was to be confronted by six of Mr Furqan’s seven children on Monday morning.

One of his daughters contacted Bermuda Real by mid-morning to go public on her family’s predicament.

Shortly after our report was published, KEMH changed their tone and switched their position.

The family also granted Bermuda Real access to their correspondence throughout the ordeal, via WhatsApp, written messages and voice notes – some were extremely emotional.

The messages included a distraught and tearful voice note that said: “They are releasing his body right now as we speak.”

That message was recorded at 12:56pm, it was preceded by another message from one of the siblings, that said: “I got a call from Dr Reddy’s office, the receptionist told me that they called the coroner.

“They told the coroner what to do, and the body will be released without the autopsy, so I done (sic) my part, hopefully that’s the success of it.

“It’s better to do things smarter than harder, so let’s see how it goes from here.”

After all was said and done, funeral arrangements were made before the end of the day.

The family is meeting at Pearman’s Funeral Home at 10am this morning for viewing and leaving at 10:45am, with a view to start the proceedings of the burial in Ferry Reach, St George’s at 12pm.

Mr Furqan, the father of seven children, five boys and two girls, was predeceased by one of his sons, who died in a tragic diving accident at Admiralty House several years ago.

He leaves behind 21 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and numerous other relatives and friends.

He will be laid to rest at his final resting place at the Muslim burial site in Ferry Reach in St George’s.

Women are asked to have their hair covered.