Now that the full slate of party candidates in the next General Election has been announced, all that remains to be seen is how many will officially sign up as Independent candidates.

There’s speculation that when the final tally is in there could be up to nine Independent candidates – time will tell.

Nomination Day is next Tuesday, July 4th. While a number of candidates have already stated their intention to run, there are would-be candidates like John Barritt, who to date, remain undecided.

Mr Barritt stepped down in Devonshire South Central, to make way for former One Bermuda Alliance leader Craig Cannonier. He has gone on record as saying that he is considering running again as an Independent candidate in that area, for the seat he once held.

If in fact he decides to run, it will make for an interesting race in Constituency 12.

Meanwhile, former Premier Paula Cox, who resigned from the Progressive Labour Party, has stated that she plans to run as an Independent for the seat she lost in Devonshire North West in 2012.

Thad Hollis, formerly of the OBA, recently announced that he will join the line up of Independents to run for the seat currently held by PLP MP Wayne Furbert in Hamilton West.

Meanwhile, Elmore Warren of Fresh TV, announced last week that he too will run as an Independent, but he hasn’t officially stated where he place to run yet. There was speculation that he would run in Devonshire North West, where the PLP’s Wayne Caines is running against OBA incumbent Glen Smith and Paula Cox. But Bermuda Real understands Mr Warren plans to run elsewhere. Just where that will be will be officially known by the end of the day on Tuesday. But we can report he plans to run in an area traditionally considered a PLP stronghold.

The final list of registered voters is due out on Monday, July 3rd. Last week Bermuda Real reported that the first draft before the objection period ended on Friday, had 3,002 more voters than the last official record.

At last count, there were 46,654 registered voters listed for the 2017 poll. In the last General Election there were 43,652 registered voters in Bermuda.

As it stands now, here’s the line up in Bermuda’s 36 constituencies for the 2017 General Election on July 18th:

C1 St George’s North
OBA: Kenneth Bascome; PLP Renee Ming

C2 St George’s West
OBA: Nandi Outerbridge; PLP Kim Swan

C3 St David’s
OBA: Andrea Moniz-DeSouza; PLP Lovitta Foggo

C4 St George’s South
OBA: Suzann Roberts-Holshouser; PLP: Tinee Furbert

C5 Hamilton East
OBA: Peter Barrett; PLP: Derrick Burgess

C6 Hamilton West
OBA: Simone Barton; PLP Wayne Furbert; IND: Thaddeus Hollis

C7 Hamilton South
OBA: Sylvan Richards; PLP: Anthony Richardson

C8 Smith’s South
OBA: Cole Simons; PLP: Rose Ann Tucker

C9 Smith’s West
OBA: Trevor Moniz; PLP: Vance Campbell

C10 Smith’s North
OBA: Michael Dunkley; PLP: Ernest Peets

C11 Devonshire East
OBA: Bob Richards; PLP Christopher Famous

C12 Devonshire South Central
OBA: Craig Cannonier; PLP: George Scott

C13 Devonshire North Central
OBA: Fabian Minors; PLP: Diallo Rabain

C14 Devonshire North West
OBA: Glen Smith; PLP: Wayne Caines; IND: Paula Cox

C15 Pembroke East
OBA: Scott Stewart; PLP: Walter Roban

C16 Pembroke East Central
OBA: Lynne Woolridge; PLP: Michael Weeks

C17 Pembroke Central
OBA: Andrew Simons; PLP Walton Brown

C18 Pembroke West Central
OBA: Nick Kempe; PLP: David Burt

C19 Pembroke West
OBA: Jeanne Atherden; PLP: Jason Hayward

C20 Pembroke South West
OBA: Susan Jackson; PLP: Graham Maule

C21 Pembroke South East
OBA: Rodney Smith; PLP: Rolfe Commissiong

C22 Paget East
OBA: Grant Gibbons; PLP: Curtis Richardson

C23 Paget West
OBA: Patricia Gordon-Pamplin; PLP: Emilygail Dill

C24 Warwick South East
OBA: Nalton Brangman; PLP: Lawrence Scott

C25 Warwick North East
OBA: Jeff Baron; PLP: Kathy Simmons

C26 Warwick South Central
OBA: Robyn Swan; PLP: Neville Tyrell

C27 Warwick North Central
OBA: Sheila Gomez; PLP: David Burch

C28 Warwick West
OBA: Jeff Sousa; PLP: Dennis Lister III

C29 Southampton East
OBA: Winfield Todd; PLP: Zane DeSilva

C30 Southampton East Central
OBA: Leah Scott; PLP: Quinton Butterfield

C31 Southampton West Central
OBA: Ben Smith; PLP: Crystal Caesar

C32 Southampton West
OBA: Charlie Swan; PLP: Scott Simmons

C33 Sandys South
OBA: Georgia Marshall; PLP: Jamahl Simmons

C34 Sandys South Central
OBA: Ed Bailey; PLP: Kim Wilson

C35 Sandys North Central
OBA: Michael Swan; PLP: Dennis Lister

C36 Sandys North
OBA: Ray Charlton; PLP: Michael Scott