Fresh Breath Dental awarded a scholarship and a school uniform to the children of staff members this week to show their appreciation of their employees.

The scholarship was awarded to Torian Cann and the school uniform awarded to Israel Duncan.

A spokesperson said: “For the year 2020, Fresh Breath Dental decided that the school uniforms and scholarship recipients would be children of staff members to show our appreciation through these trying times of COVID-19 and layoffs.

“The staff was surprised at the awards given to the children as they did not expect it. We appreciate their dedication and love for their work.

“The school uniform was awarded to Israel Duncan, the son of the hygienist, who attends Francis Patton Primary School.

“The scholarship was awarded to Torian Cann, the son of the front desk administrator, who attends the Bermuda Institute. Torian’s goal is to be a judge in Bermuda.

“We are still offering $80 cleanings to persons who have lost their dental insurance as part of our community outreach.

“Free extractions will still be offered in November 2020 and the public shall be informed of which Friday it will be. To maintain social distancing requirements, service shall be by appointment only and a COVID-19 form will need to be completed prior to entering the office.

“We would like to thank all patients and staff members for making these awards and events possible.”