• Bermuda’s newly formed third political party on ‘A Human Future’ in the lead up to the General Election 2020…
FDM is committed to moving Bermuda beyond a race and identity-based politics, and to restoring a civic social fabric which weaves the talents and inputs of all the humans on the island into a strong and resilient fabric.
FDM committed to no Independence without a Referendum.
Representational Democracy:
FDM believes that all tax-paying (or paid) people on the island deserve representation. This includes those who cannot vote, and those that do not vote, and especially, those who do not vote FDM. FDM believes passionately in public service which means serving all the people, not just the ones who voted for FDM.
No taxation of labour and capital:
FDM believes the people should earn and save in a non-taxed fashion. FDM is in favour of reducing the tax burden on pay checks and removing the recently introduced dividend tax.
Immediate withdrawal of the SSM Privy council suit:
FDM sees the SSM law as a non-issue, and the suit is a massive waste of tax-payers money, and believes that the LGBTQ community have the right to freely live their lives as they choose.
FDM believes that if you were born in Bermuda, you have a right to Bermuda status. FDM is committed to rational immigration reform. FDM believes that our collective heritage is one of our greatest strengths.
Small Government:
FDM believes in the concept of government facilitating the community to flourish economically and socially in all the different ways that our diverse community seeks. Government’s role is to help people help themselves and others; not to be a source for dependency. FDM believes that the best government is the least government, and is committed to reducing red tape and fees.