Bermuda’s parents and young people are being urged to attend a major free event to find out about all the different sporting activities on the island.

The National Sports Centre and the Bermuda Olympic Association have partnered to hold The Youth Sports Expo 2018 on Sunday, April 15, aimed at children aged from five to 16.

Sean Tucker, Chairman of the NSC’s Board of Trustees said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn more about the sports they love, to discover new ones, to enroll, to develop skills, make new friends and to be inspired by those in the game.

“Sport can have a very positive impact on the development of young people and can give them experiences they may never otherwise have. I would urge everyone to come to this Expo and sign up to a sport. Why be a spectator when you can play the game?”

Mr Tucker added: “We at the National Sports Centre are committed to providing opportunities for active participation in both recreational and competitive sports, and the Youth Sports Expo 2018 support our sport approach of encouraging everyone to ‘Move, Develop, Train, Achieve!’

“The Expo, which is free, is a conduit for all national sports governing bodies to work together to promote all sports that are available on Island for our young people as means to help develop healthy lifestyles as well as good sportsmanship.”

The sports being represented by their national bodies are: Equestrian, Archery, Volleyball, Sailing, Netball, Athletics, Tennis, Fencing, Gymnastics, Cricket, Diving, Water Polo, Motor Sports, Swimming, Sanshou, Rugby, Boxing, Golf, Basketball, Rugby, Rowing and Football. There will also be representation from the Bermuda Physically Challenged Association, Jump Rope and the Ambidexterity Games.

In addition, the Premier’s Council on Youth Fitness and the Bermuda School Sports Federation will also be present, as well as the charity SCARS and the Bermuda Sports Anti-Doping Agency.

Judith O Simmons, President of the Bermuda Olympic Association, said: “It is very important to be able show Bermuda’s youth, and their parents, all the sports that are available on the Island for them to participate in.

“It is also an opportunity for the parents to meet members of the National Sports Governing Bodies who can help their children develop and excel in the sport that they are interested in.

“This Youth Expo is a great way for young people to see how sport can take them into the future. Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. I look forward to seeing everyone at Expo.”

Brenda Dale, Vice President of the Bermuda Olympic Association and Chair of the Sports For All Committee, added: “The BOA is pleased to sponsor the Youth Sports Expo, as under our Sports For All mandate, we are committed to promote health, education and well-being through sports activities practiced by all members of society without distinction.

“We are also committed to help the youth of Bermuda to experience sport and the many benefits it has to offer. The BOA’s members are the National Sports Governing Bodies, and we are therefore pleased to partner with them for this event, so they can showcase and get the youth involved.”

The Expo takes place on Sunday, April 15 from 1pm to 5pm at the National Sports Centre.

  • Bermuda’s 2018 CARIFTA Team Feature Photos Courtesy of DCI