Plans are underway to add four storeys of residential units on Front Street, despite the rejection of the previous proposal submitted for the building.

The proposal put before the Development Applications Board (DAB) calls for the development of 13 residential units at the Frith Building.

The application stated that the existing three-storey building on Front Street and Reid Street would remain.

But it also calls for an addition four storeys to be added on top of the Reid Street side of the building.

The upper floors include a combination of four studio apartments, six one-bedroom apartments, a two-bedroom apartment and two three-bedroom units, including the penthouse.

The initial application was rejected by the DAB in 2021.

A report recommending that the application be refused, stated that the developers failed to show that the project would not result in traffic congestion and road safety problems.

It also stated that while the proposal complied with height restrictions, the developer did not show that the building would not interfere with the “visual dominance” of the cathedral on the skyline.

Feature Photos: Architectural rendering of plans for the Frith Building